Meet the team

Principal Investigator

Professor Celia Gregson

Chief Investigator and WP2 Lead Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the Musculoskeletal Research Unit (MRU), University of Bristol and an Honorary Consultant Orthogeriatrician at the Royal United Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Bath. Honorary Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Co-director of the sub-Saharan Africa Musculoskeletal Network (SAMSON). Chair of the National Osteoporosis Guideline Group in the UK. Her research interests include musculoskeletal epidemiology and the health of ageing populations. @celiagregson


Professor Bilkish Cassim

South Africa PI  Associate Professor/Chief Specialist and Head of Geriatrics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal & Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in Durban, South Africa.  Prof Cassim has both a clinical and research interest in osteoporosis and is an executive member of the National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa.

Professor Matt Costa

Orthopaedic Trauma Lead Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery,  University of Oxford and  Honorary Consultant Trauma Surgeon, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK. His research interests are in clinical and cost effectiveness of musculoskeletal trauma interventions. He is Chief Investigator for a series of randomised trials and associated studies

Professor Rashida Ferrand

Zimbabwe PI  Director of the Biomedical Research and Training Institute, Zimbabwe and Professor of International Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK. Research interests include adolescent health, HIV, sexual and reproductive health and chronic disease. @rashida_abbferr


Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill

WP5 Lead  Professor of Health and Anthropology and Director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research at the University of Bristol, UK. Prof Gooberman-Hill is a Social Anthropologist by background who applies techniques from anthropology and qualitative approaches in applied health research.  @RGoobermanHill

Dr Landing Jarjou

Co-Gambia Co-PI  Senior Research Associate, MRC Gambia, The Gambia. Dr Jarjou trained in Medical Lab Sciences and gained a PhD training in Nutrition. His research interests include long term effects of pregnancy calcium intervention on both maternal and offspring blood pressure and fragility fractures in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr M Ndekwere

Zimbabwe Co-PI  Consulting General Orthopaedic surgeon at Sally Mugabe Hospital, Zimbabwe. He is currently appointed technical advisor for the Ministry of Health.


Dr Sian Noble

WP3 Lead  Senior Lecturer in Health Economist based at the University of Bristol, UK. Dr Noble’s research interests focus on improving the conduct of economic evaluations. She has over 20 years’ experience.


Professor Kate Ward

WP1 Lead & Gambia Co-PI Professor of Global Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Southampton, UK and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at MRC Unit The Gambia. Prof Ward co-leads the Sub-Saharan Africa Musculoskeletal Network. Her research interests focus on how to achieve and maintain functional ability to ensure healthy musculoskeletal system throughout life. @KateAWard17


Sainey Beyai

Study Co-ordinator  – The Gambia Based at the MRC The Gambia @ LSHTM.  Sainey is a nurse midwife with special interests in musculoskeletal health, imaging and global health.  He has 8 years experience as a research nurse coordinator working as an integral member of the Keneba clinic/Fajara team on various projects.

Dr Anya Burton

Project Manager and Epidemiologist Research Fellow, University of Bristol, UK.  Dr Burton is a chronic disease epidemiologist with interests in  musculoskeletal health, oncology and global health. @AnyaJBurton


Omar Cessay

WP5 Ethnographer – The Gambia Omar is a Scientific Officer (Social Science) with 20+ years of experience in research with the Medical Research Council of the Gambia at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He is currently the ethnographer for the Fracture –E3 study in the Gambia. 


Dr Rudo Chingono

WP5 Deputy Research Fellow, Biomedical Research and Training Institute (BRTI), Zimbabwe. Rudo is a Social Scientist and global health researcher with interest in using research to improve access and uptake of public health services in low and middle income countries. 

Joseph Chipanga

Data Manager – Zimbabwe Joseph is a highly competent IT professional with an experience in managing Data and databases. With strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills, enabling to interact with colleagues at all levels.

Tendai Chiweshe

WP5 Ethnographer – Zimbabwe, Tendai is a Research Assistant with interest in using research to improve access of health services to children, women and adolescents.


Dr Sarah Drew 

WP5 Deputy Research Fellow, University of Bristol, UK. Dr Drew is a sociologist who uses qualitative research methods in applied health research for musculoskeletal conditions. Her research interests include service delivery, treatment seeking behaviour and the evaluation of complex interventions using sociological theory and frameworks. @Sarah_M_Drew

Dr Lucy Gates

WP1 Deputy Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton, UK. Lucy is an Allied Health Professional by background with research experience in the epidemiology of lower limb musculoskeletal health. Her current research is focused largely in low-middle income countries.

Azita Ghassemi

Senior Research Coordinator (UoB) Azita worked for many years as a Programmer Analyst for private sectors.  She has worked in higher education institution for many years on different capacities; research-based and promotional filmmaking, coordinating research projects, supporting academics in grant writing process and building project websites to name a few.

Professor Simon Graham

Orthopaedic expert Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Liverpool and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. His research focuses on developing global orthopaedic research in low-income countries. @DrSiGraham


Fundile Habana

Data Manager – South Africa.  Fundile holds an National Certificate in Information Technology, Software and Hardware Concepts, Administration & Bookkeeping.  He is highly experienced in data entry, management, and analysis of data in clinical studies. His previous work experience includes being a senior administrative assistant, data capture and analysis, and tutor.

Momodou Jallow

Research Coordinator – The Gambia Momodou has different level of Continuous Professional Development Courses. He was a Research Nurse & Internal Monitor for MRCG@LSHTM with the Vaccine and Immunity Theme study projects.  He has worked with different projects both Clinical Trial and Epidemiology studies. 


Musa Jarjou

Data Manager – The Gambia He started working for MRC since 1983 in the following: Field worker, Lab Technician, Research Technician, Network and Server Administrator, Senior Data Supervisor, Asst. Data Manager and Data Manager. 


Professor Mkhululi (Mac) Lukhele

Orthopaedic expert Adjunct Professor of Orthopaedics University of Witwatersrand. Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon and researcher.



Tadios (Ted) Manyanga

Study Co-ordinator – Zimbabwe  Ted Manyanga is a Public Health Practitioner with more than 8 years’ experience in the field of clinical trials. He is passionate about clinical trials conduct, internal monitoring, and coordination. He has a strong background in management especially project management. @TadiosManyanga

Dr Yoliswa Madela

PhD Candidate  Consultant in Geriatrics at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital and an Honorary lecturer at the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.



Dr Nyasha Mafirakureva

WP3 Deputy Research Fellow in Health Economics at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Dr Mafirakureva’s research interests include economic evaluations of interventions to improve infectious disease control and decision-analytic modelling for cost-effectiveness analysis.

Kebba Marenah

Orthopedic Surgeon, Edward Francis-Small Teaching Hospital, The Gambia. Dr Marenah is Gambia’s first Orthopedic surgeon. He specialises in trauma, but also covers Pediatric orthopedics, Joint replacement surgery; Hand Surgery and Spinal surgery. He is also Senior lecturer at the School of Medicine and allied health sciences, University of the Gambia and American International University West Africa.

Mr James Masters

Orthopaedics Expert Clinical Lecturer in Trauma & Orthopaedics, University of Oxford, UK. His research interests are in orthopaedic trauma and infection as a complication of surgery.


Dr Bavumile (Vumi) Mbanjwa

PhD Candidate  Physician in the Department of Internal Medicine at University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and King Edward VIII hospital in Durban, South Africa.


Mr Prudance Mushayavanhu

Orthopaedic Expert Consulting General Orthopaedic surgeon at Sally Mugabe Hospital, and The Bone & Joint Clinic, Harare, Zimbabwe.


Amanda Mwelase

WP5 Ethnographer Amanda is a Researcher with a Masters in Research Psychology, with an interest in medical, health and social science research. She is currently based in Gauteng.


Mohamad Nasser

Senior Research Associate – Epidemiologist and Study Manager Mohamad is currently working as an epidemiologist and a data manager for the Fractures-E3 study, within the Musculoskeletal Research Unit at the University of Bristol. His research involves investigating health outcomes associated with hip fractures, aimed at uncovering factors that impact patient well-being.

Dr Farhanah Paruk

Deputy PI – South Africa  Specialist rheumatologist based in Kwazulu-Natal. Dr Paruk is also an executive member of National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa.



Dr Hannah Wilson

Data Manager Hannah has completed her PhD in genetic epidemiology. She is currently working as the Data Manager for the Fractures-E3 study, within the Musculoskeletal Research Unit at the University of Bristol.